Join Lonesome the Ghost as he interviews creatives living their best life in the new (para)normal. What started as a fun quarantine project to pass the time blossomed into a golden opportunity to connect with fascinating people from around the world, sharing the horror stories of their art, sport, hobby, cause, or profession. From real estate to raves, from books to boutiques, from politics to porn, Lonesome has covered a wide spectrum of topics.

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Season 5

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Season 4

Noa Laporga YT cover.jpg
Justin Hamamoto YT cover.jpg
Martin Day YT cover.jpg
Baked By Beri YT cover.jpg
Kennedy Taylor YT cover.jpg
Aaron Kenny YT cover.jpg
Justin Gonzales YT cover.jpg
Black Cat YT cover.jpg
Carlin James YT cover.jpg
Lonesome Halloween Special YT cover.jpg

Season 3

S3_Film Festival Horror Stories.jpg
S3_Influencerl Horror Stories.jpg
S3_Drag Queen Horror Stories.jpg
S3_Skateboarding Horror Stories.jpg
S3_Shuffling Horror Stories.jpg
S3_Toy Collector Horror Stories.jpg
S3_Exotic Animal Horror Stories.jpg
S3_Author Horror Stories.jpg
S3_Illustrator Horror Stories.jpg
S3_Puppet Horror Stories.jpg

Season 2

YT_S2S1_Skincare_Horror_Stories_Hyram3 copy.jpg
YT_S2S2_Small_Business_Horror_Stories_Camille copy.jpg
YT_S2E3_Food_Art_Horror_Stories_Diane copy.jpg
YT_S2E4_Fitness_Trainer_Horror_Stories copy.jpg
YT_S2E5_YouTube_Horror_Stories copy.jpg
YT_S2E6_Circus_Horror_Stories_Koh copy.jpg
YT_S2E7_Election_Horror_Stories copy.jpg
YT_S2E9_Just For Fans and Only Fans Horror Stories_Eddie Danger copy.jpg
YT_S2E8_Pet_Horror_Stories copy.jpg
YT_S2S10_Comedy_Horror_Stories copy.jpg

Season 1

YT_S1E1_Real Estate Horror Stories.jpg
YT_S1E2_Disney Horror Stories.jpg
YT_S1E3_Broadway Horror Stories.jpg
YT_S1E4_Rave Horror Stories.jpg
YT_S1E6_Racism Horror Stories.jpg
YT_S1E5_Street Photography Horror Stories.jpg
YT_S1E8_Goth Horror Stories.jpg
YT_S1E7_Special Effects Makeup Horror Stories.jpg
YT_S1E9_Plant Daddy Horror Stories.jpg
YT_S1E10_The Final Girl Horror Stories copy.jpg