FELT Something Beautiful is the debut solo music album by Dane Neves.  It is composed of 10 original tracks written and performed by Neves.  Neves describes his musical style as a playful Pop/Rock with a dash of Show Tunes.   The songs range from lighthearted fun (“Spring Break”, “Green Tie Lovin’”) to inspiring (“Story”, “This Place”) to deeply personal (“I Got Jokes”, “All the Words Were Sweet”). 

Neves also produced 10 music videos for each of the album's 10 songs, all featuring his puppets.

The I Got Jokes music video won Best Lyrics Video (American Music Tracks Awards 2018) and Best Lyric Video (LA Music Video Awards 2019). 

One year later, Neves released a single - Good Day Song, an updated version of a song he wrote in high school and featured in productions such as Not Another Puppet Show and the 2017 Pele Awards.

The Good Day Song music video won Best Song In A Music Video (Music Video Festival 2020).